AP POLYCET Key 2024, Check Question Paper Solution and Objection Submission Details

The State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada, conducted the Polytechnic Common Entrance Test (POLYCET) for the academic year 2024-2025. The entrance test was scheduled for 27 April 2024 at different exam centres across the state. The test session concluded smoothly, and the board is expected to release the answer key soon.

Candidates can download the AP POLYCET Answer Key from the official website. This entrance test is crucial for students aspiring to join diploma courses in engineering, non-engineering, and technology across various polytechnics in Andhra Pradesh.

AP POLYCET 2024 Answer Key

AP POLYCET 2024 Answer Key

The Board opened online applications for the Andhra Pradesh Polytechnic Common Entrance Test in February 2024. The registration process began on 20 February, with the closing date for submitting application forms set for 10 April 2024.

Exam Name AP POLYCET (Andhra Pradesh Polytechnic Entrance Test)
Academic Year 2024-25
Exam Organizer State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada
Entrance Test Date 27 April 2024
Answer Key Release Date April 2024
Official Website polycetap.nic.in

Andhra Pradesh POLYCET Exam Overview

  • The AP POLYCET was conducted as an offline, objective-type test.
  • The exam comprised a total of 120 questions distributed across three subjects
  • Each question was valued at one mark with no deductions for incorrect answers.
  • The total duration of the exam was 2 hours (120 minutes),
Section Subject Number of Questions Total Marks
Section A Mathematics 50 50
Section B Physics 40 40
Section C Chemistry 30 40
Total 120 120

Answer Key and Objection Process

The AP POLYCET 2024 answer key is released by the State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh, shortly after the examination date. This key allows candidates to compare their answers with the correct responses, giving them an idea of their scores. Upon release, the answer key is available in PDF format on the official AP POLYCET website for easy access.

If any candidate believes an answer provided in an examination is incorrect, they can challenge it through an objection process. This process involves reviewing the official answer key, identifying discrepancies, and submitting objections through an official form. It’s important to note that a fee is often required for this process. Additionally, candidates should provide supporting evidence, such as textbook references, with each objection.

The examination board reviews all objections within a specified period and may issue a revised answer key if necessary. It’s essential for candidates to follow the objection submission deadline and be aware of any fees involved, which may be refunded if the objection is upheld.

AP POLYCET Unofficial Answer Key

The unofficial AP POLYCET answer key 2024 is now available as one complete guide. We’ve put all the answers together in a question-and-answer format that works for all sets so candidates can easily check their answers without having to look through several documents. Here’s a detailed table with each question and its answer.

S.No Question Answer
1 Who proposed the Valence Bond Theory? Pauling
2 Identify the elements that form Dobereiner’s triads with lithium and sodium. K (Potassium)
3 What are the IV Group elements called? Carbon Family
4 An element belongs to the 2nd group and 3rd period. What is its valency? 2
5 What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy the ‘M’ shell? 18
6 Which of the following orbitals does not exist? 2d3
7 For which field did Niels Bohr receive the Nobel Prize? Physics
8 How many degenerate orbitals are present in the 4d subshell? 5
9 Which principle explains the presence of 3 unpaired electrons in nitrogen? Hund
10 What can be used as an acid-base indicator to detect the acidic or basic nature of a solution? Litmus
11 If the pH of rainwater is less than what value is it considered acid rain? 5.6
12 What is tooth enamel primarily made of? Calcium Phosphate
13 What do you observe when pouring potassium hydroxide on red and blue litmus paper? Red turns blue; blue turns red
14 What is the structural formula of the simplest ketone? CH3COCH3
15 Identify the compound known as dimethyl ether. CH3OCH3
16 What type of bonds do saturated hydrocarbons contain? All single bonds
17 What are aliphatic hydrocarbons? Open chain hydrocarbons
18 What is the purpose of the poling process? To purify crude metal
19 What compound results from the corrosion of silver? Silver sulphide
20 What happens to a metal during corrosion? It is oxidised
21 What results from replacing one hydrogen atom in NH3 with an alkyl group? Amine
22 What concept did Linus Pauling propose? Hybridization
23 What is the electronic configuration of the O-2 ion? 1s2, 2s2, 2p4
24 How many electrons does a non-metallic element gain, equal to what value? Group number
25 What type of image does a concave lens always form, regardless of the object’s position? Virtual, erect
26 What is the description of a lens bounded by one curved surface? Bi-convex (answer doubt)
27 What is the angle between paraxial rays and the principal axis? Zero Degrees (0°)
28 What is the splitting of white light into its component colours called? Dispersion
29 Under what condition does a convex lens produce a virtual image? Object between focal point and optic centre
30 What atmospheric process results in the formation of dew and fog? Condensation
31 What happens to a light ray as it travels from water to air? Bends away from normal
32 If 𝑣1 and 𝑣2 are the speeds of light in two different media, what is their relationship given the refractive indices 𝑛1 and 𝑛2? 𝑣1/𝑣2=𝑛1/𝑛2 (answer doubt)
33 What is the C.G.S Unit of Heat Energy? Calorie
34 What pair of substances share the same value of specific heat? Ice, kerosene oil
35 During the transition from liquid to solid, what happens to the internal energy of water? Decreases
36 What determines the magnetic force acting on a moving charge in a magnetic field? Charge, speed, electromagnetic force (answer doubt)
37 What device is used by an auto driver starting an auto rickshaw with a rope to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy? Dynamo
38 What is Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction a consequence of? Conservation of energy
39 In what direction does a freely suspended needle of a magnetic compass come to rest? Geographic north-south direction
40 How is 1 tesla defined? One Weber per square metre
41 What involves the process of electromagnetic induction? Producing induced current in a coil
42 Convert 6 watt seconds to another unit of energy. 6 joule
43 Which scientist established the relationship between current and voltage? Ohm
44 Calculate the electric energy consumed by a 40W bulb operated for 5 hours a day over a month of 30 days. 6000 watt-hours (or 6 kWh)
45 What is not a measuring function of a multimeter? Current (incorrect, as it does measure current)
46 How does the least distance of distinct vision change in old age? Increases
47 What factors determine electric power? Current and potential difference (answer doubt)
48 Which colour of light has the maximum angle of deviation? Violet
49 What causes the blue colour of the sky? Scattering of light by atmospheric molecules of N2 and O2
50 What is the power of a lens with a focal length of 20 cm? 5 diopters
51 In hypermetropia, where is the image formed relative to the retina? Before the retina
52 What is the distance between the eye-lens and the retina in the human eye? 2.5 cm
53 What is the Highest Common Factor (HCF) of 306 and 657? 9
54 What is the value of log⁡232? 5
55 What is the remainder when the square of any prime number greater than 3 is divided by 6? 1
56 If the mode and mean of a set of data are 24 and 60, respectively, what is the median? 48 (estimated or requires confirmation)
57 Describe the behaviour of a magnet when suspended freely. Aligns along the Earth’s magnetic field
58 What visual phenomenon results from the gravitational bending of light? Gravitational lensing

How to Download AP POLYCET Answer Key 2024?

To download the Andhra Pradesh POLYCET 2024 Answer Key from the official website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website for AP POLYCET 2024 at polycetap.nic.in.
  2. Click on the link to download the AP POLYCET 2024 Answer Key on the home page.
  3. Enter your required credentials, including your User ID, password, and centre code.
  4. Click on the “Submit” option.
  5. The AP POLYCET 2024 Answer Key will be available in PDF format.
  6. Download it and take a printout for future reference.

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